Undertaking the role to create a cohesive brand and represent SIAT to new students.

Frosh is an annual event to welcome and orient new students at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT).

My Role

Visual Identity, Graphic design, Promotional material

Three mascots designed in Illustrator for SIAT Frosh 2014

Developed was a visual identity that drew inspiration from the pixel, dial, and play button.

These three elements represent concentrations available in SIAT which include design, interactive systems, and media arts.

The pixel represents design

The dial represents interactive systems

The play button represents media arts

Stripped to the simplest form, these are the primary shapes inspired in each mascot.

Taking inspiration from 1950's home decor colour palette with a present day touch.

Through being inspired by technology of the past, I continued examining its history. Coloured televisions arrived in 1950 which lead me to interesting home decor colour palettes. These colours were given a present day touch and were utilized in the overall visual identity.

The chosen colours to represent each concentration of SIAT.

1950's home decor.

Prints were made for promotional purposes and as clue cards for a game of Amazing Race.

Created were admission tickets, apparel, blueprint clue cards, budget proposal, posters, presentation slides, puzzles, and a sponsorship package.

3.5" x 1.75" admission ticket print made in Illustrator.

8.5" x 4.125" blueprint clue card print for the Amazing Race made in Illustrator.

8.5" x 11" final blueprint clue card print for the Amazing Race made in Illustrator.

26.25" x 33" poster print made in Illustrator.

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